Sunday, October 7, 2007

How I Saved Money Today

The many ways I saved money today. . . . . . ..

. Used cruise control while driving, drove the speed limit.
. Left the lights turned off during the daytime and turned off lights behind my
daughter and her girlfriend. Only turned on lights as needed.
. Made a very large batch of chicken soup, froze 3 dinners worth.
. Cut up a large bowl of carrots and celery for nibbling on instead of other, more costly, foods.
. Made a large batch of hommus so that I and others will have plenty of foods to choose from when hungry. Having foods prepared saves by not stopping to get something to eat while out. I have small containers of fruits, vegetables, and nuts with me that I eat throughout the day. When I took two girls shopping this evening I made sure I ate before I went (when they saw me eating they started eating too), threw a few things in a bag and went out the door. When we got out of the mall we all grabbed a few snacks to hold us over for dinner.
. Made a large batch of rice. Again, same thought process. By me having large amounts of healthy, natural foods in the house there is never a need to stop and get something while we're out. Plus rice is reasonably priced. We can and do graze all day.
. Set a limit on my daughters birthday presents. She says she needs/wants a winter coat and a pair of jeans. Fortunately, I had $50 in gift certificates for the store she found her coat at! Also, she pushed me on the one pair of jeans by purchasing 3 pairs of jeans at very low prices. She began looking at other items though, and I was feeling the pressure, so I asked if she wanted the jeans she had in her hands, when she said yes I took them from her (nicely) - leaving the other items still in her hands and went to the cash register.
. Worked out in my new home gym. . . .saved gas and am not wasting the investment we made into this fantastic used gym equipment that we purchased on craigslist.
. Composted all the cuttings of today's foods preparing for next years garden.
. Chose not to offer my daughter money to go to the movies with her girlfriend.
. Contacted a modern furniture store to see if they were interested in purchasing several (30-40) light fixtures that I have new in box. (They are a holdover from my furniture store). I was told he was "very interested" and I'll wait to see if it happens before I get excited about it.
. Paid bills on-line and on time - saved on stamps and late fees.
. Began to put together a spreadsheet listing the costs of items at various stores and programming in the formula to reduce the price to cost per ounce. Its fascinating! My intention is to be able to know if I'm getting a good price, and also, when I hit a really good sale.

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