Saturday, December 1, 2007

Looking for Work

Lately I've been looking on the internet for a new job. I've been successfully self employed for 13 years up until I suffered the loss of my retail store in 2004. I've spent the last 3 years working with the insurance company and lawyers, and working on two outstanding Interior Design projects. I've recently completed a commercial project and am now wrapping up my last large residential project.

Rather than start all over, get out and network, take on lots of small projects to rebuild a business, I think I'd prefer to go to work for someone else.

I know that I am a really good designer, I know that I'm a good mentor for other designers, I work really well with clients and have a strong business background. Yet, while I'm searching the classifieds, I feel inadequate, out of date, and insignificant.

I find myself applying for work that I'm overqualified for and, although I'm applying, feeling intimidated by the positions that I'm interested in. I recognize that my computer skills are out of date, and that there are many new computer programs that Interior Designers are using that I'm not familiar with. I recognize that employers are wanting experience in Auto Cad, and my only experience is self taught. I know enough CAD to put together my clients drawings, and do presentations, but am not familiar with the complete program as it could be used.

Additionally, I lost my portfolio in the store flood and didn't bother to replace it. I would need to return to clients that I haven't worked with in years to get some photographs. I stopped taking on new clients after the flood, primarily because I was overwhelmed by the incredible amounts of information required by the insurance company, having to relocate and downsize my company, and, by the fact that I was anemic and unable to perform my job at full capacity.

Anyway, it feels depressing and discouraged. I don't know whether I should start my business all over again, or seek employment that I don't feel equipped to do, or secure employment that I'm overqualified for. I'm very uncomfortable being in a position of not knowing what to do next. I'm certainly an action oriented person, but, when I don't know what action to take I feel stuck.

In the meantime, I've updated my resume and am submitting it those companies I feel intimidated by. I've also updated my business cards and will purchase the products I'm needing to have them printed. And, since some action is better than no action, I will begin by handing a stack of my cards to each of the clients that I am in the process of completing, letting them know that I am looking for new clients. Finally, I am going to act as if I am rebuilding my business and if God sees otherwise for me, I will be happy to take whatever path he shows me.


Daisy said...

Wow! you are dealing with alot! Good luck to you!

JW said...

Our prayers will be with you to find the very best job available.

You have given us some great advice on our blog and we sincerely appreciate you.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

i read this post with great interest because i tend to do the same thing - undervalue my contribution and feel intimidated in a job search. but then i remember the jobs that i've gotten in the past in which perhaps i didn't have the perfect skill set, but the people that hired me saw my potential and positive qualities. and then i ended up learning a lot and also contributing that something "extra" to my new company - new ideas, team spirit, willingness to be flexible with company responses to the market. i'm also in the creative field (graphic designer) and i know how easy it is to think that our best work is behind us, but remember our best asset is our creative mind - use it to visualize a great job position that benefits you as well as your new employer. it's just as much a reality as any anxious thoughts we may cook up for ourselves!

Anonymous said...

I'm just finding your blog from JW's blog roll and I find it very interesting.

Depending where you live find a job now can be very challenging but, even here in Michigan my sister was able to find a job recently after making a similar career move (from self-employed to working for someone else).

I wish to lots of good luck and success in your search.

Anonymous said...

we all have it rough at times, keep your head up! GOD watches all
even those who don't praise him.