Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reducing our Debts

My husband and I are working on getting our monthly expenses reduced and increasing our income. We're preparing to post our condo for rent, looking at used small cars, putting an art collection up for sale, etc.

Amazingly, this past month, we cut our expenses in several areas and so far are saving over $21,000 per year! Now if I could only get this low enough so I can retire LOL.

Here's a breakdown of how we achieved this:
Cleaning People $ 2400 per year
Gym Membership $ 2400 per year
Refinance Home $12000 per year
New Grocery Market $ 2400 per year
Clippers for Haircuts $ 840 per year
Manicures/Pedicures at Home $ 540 per year
Dye own hair $ 900 per year

Fairly minor expenses will be incurred in order to eliminate the expense completely , ie. purchase clippers $34, purchase used gym equipment for a home gym (currently in process), etc.

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