Monday, September 24, 2007

Financial Blogs

Reading financial blogs is changing the way I think about money.

When I was younger, a single mom, a full time college student and always struggling to have enough money for my families survival, I was creative regarding money. I'm now older, own a couple of homes, a new car, and more and I've been less creative. Its as if I set my sites on creating a situation of wealth, attained it, and eliminated the tools and techniques I used to get me here.

What I've discovered by revisiting being financially conservative is that I actually enjoyed the process of creativity that was required when I had little money. Certainly having little money was not fun, it was frightening at times when I didn't know where the rent money would come from, however, just add a few more dollars on the amount of rent due and the feeling of fear is still there for me. It may just not be as obvious because its hidden behind a big home on a large piece of land.

I'm looking for that creative spark again. Finding ways to cut back our expenses actually seemed to enliven both my husband and I and woke up our minds. I'm wanting to reduce my debts! I intend on owning at least one home in my life that is paid for. I'm looking forward to knowing what it's like to live a financially responsible and orgainized life again.

The past several years I haven't been paying attention too much to my bills, I've put them all on automatic and wasn't even aware of them. I don't know how much I pay for my electricity, heat, water, auto insurance, etc each month. I don't recognize when a bill has gone up without my being aware of the increase.

My goal is to know where my money is going and then to consciously make the decision if that is where I want my resources to go. I'm willing to learn how much I'm paying for these services and to keep track of how I can reduce the amount I'm currently paying. After all I could certainly use the money more than AT&T or the electric company right now.

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