Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shopping for Groceries

Well, today I did it. I began looking at the sale prices on groceries as if I would be eating, washing my hair, blowing my nose, etc. for a long period of time.

What do you do when the sign says 10 for $10? Do you buy 10? Do you think you must buy 10 to get the sale price? Do you check to see if a $1 for the item is the best deal?

In the past, I did not buy 10 items, I don't believe I must buy 10 of the items although my husband does, and, I just assumed that the $1 was the best deal. Not anymore.

I found some items on sale that were actually more expensive than the larger sized item. I decided to go ahead and fill my cupboards with the sale priced items. Tonight I spent $117 at Krogers, applied for a discount card since my husband has ours, when I checked out at the register my receipt indicated that I had saved $53.00! That's pretty amazing considering that each item I purchased was something that we either eat on a regular basis, or we will be using for our personal hygiene.

Since I've been shopping weekly at an arabic grocery store, I haven't been to the larger stores in over a month. I love that I don't have to go to the larger stores every week now. My husband and I have a fairly consistent eating plan that I believe we both really enjoy. My problem are the additional trips that I've been making to drugstores so I can get my m&m fix. When I say m&m fix, I'm saying a large, 21 ounce bag of them. Definately an addiciton that I'm going to have to deal with.

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