Thursday, August 16, 2007

CFM - Day 27

Getting nervous about school starting and whether my student loan is going to go through or not. I'm told paperwork wise everything's fine, but I still haven't been awarded anything.

I also have to get a hardship loan from one of our retirement accounts so that our home loan can be brought current.

I've thought about the hybrid car we were planning to purchase and even though it will save me money for today - its still adding $20,000 to my bottom line of debt. I'd rather pay off my current car while saving for a smaller (hybrid?) car. Because of my work I'll always need a larger car to transport furniture and things so we might as well keep the one. It'll be paid off within 14 months, its a 0% interest. The new car would have a lower payment, but, it would be for a hell of a lot longer. I believe that my husband and I need to stop borrowing from tomorrow and begin to live within what we have. I also believe that saving for something will help us place more value/respect on the item. To be handed the keys to a car and than have to pay for it for the next five years isn't fun - its like a tie around your neck. You lose your choices about what you can do with that car. Really - its not even my car until that last payment is made. The bank owns that car. So, I've just saved us $20,000 in new debt. I plan to put together a list of our debts so that I can know what's going on.

I listened to the hypnosis cd at about 6am, really while I was sleeping. I put it on continuous play and have no idea how many times it played over. I can however already tell there has been some small changes that are going on in my head and I am so excited to be going back. I wish I had done this sooner - but - I must not have been ready for it. Other things I want to work on: exercise, maybe body image, self esteem, possible block to learning math, etc.

Followed my eating plan today, again had cravings for sugar and was worried because I needed to go to the store for some medications. I ended up "consoling" myself by purchasing two bags of goldfish. The first bag was good, extra cheddar. The second bag is dry and doesn't really taste like much.

Went to the gym for a 40 minute cardio.

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